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In the year 1852
French, Louis Braille, died at the age of 41. He wad blinded due to an accident by the age of 4. He is the inventor of the Braile system which he adapted from a military code writing and is the system by which it is made possible for blind people all around the world to read.
American physician, John Harvey Kellogg, was born in New York. He was an advocate of vegetarianism, and is most known for the invention of the corn flake cereal and along with his brother founded the company that his brother later developed into the Kellogs corporation.
American folkrole figure, Calamity Jane, was born in Princeton, Missouri. She was the most famous frontier woman of the old west era in the United States.
Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi, was born in Riudoms. Though he received little acceptance during his lifetime, he is now considered as one of Spain's greatest architects.
German mathematician, Ferdinand Eisenstein, died from tuberculosis at the age of 29. He is considered by many as one of the great mathematicians of all time.
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