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On June the 11th
The G8 finance ministers agreed to cancel the debt owed by 18 of the poorest countries.
American actor, DeForest Kelley, died at the age of 78. He was best known for his starring role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the Star Trek television series and movies.
French Formula One driver, Jean Alesi, was born in Avignon. Although his career spanned an impressive 11 years throughout which he was a very popular driver, he only won one of the 200 races he attended, the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.
Eight children and two teachers were murdered at an elementary school in Cologne, Germany. The murders were committed by a schizophrenic World War II veteran, Walter Seifert.
3 prisoners successfully escaped from the infamous prison of Alcatraz Island. Although they made it outside the prison and onboard a raft they had prepared it was widely believed that the 3 escapees drowned before reaching the shore. The event also inspired the classic film, Escape from Alcatraz.
During the course of the 24 Hours of Le Mans rally, an Austin-Healey and a Mercedes-Benz collided and subsequently crashed into a crowd of spectators. 82 people died and more than 100 were seriously injured.
Scottish race car driver, Jackie Stewart, was born in Milton, West Dunbartonshire. Known as the 'The Flying Scot,' he competed in Formula One between 1965 and 1973, winning the title of champion 3 times.
American actor, Gene Wilder, was born in Milwaukee. He was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants who is most known for his numerous collaborations comedian Richard Pryor as well as his numerous appearances in films of the famed comedy director, Mel Brooks.
American football coach, Vince Lombardi, was born in Brooklyn. He was one of the most successful head coaches in the history of American football.
French explorer and ecologist, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, was born in Saint Andre de Cubzac, France. He was one of the most famous explorers and oceanographers in history. The documentaries of his explorations aboard the Calypso have been viewed by millions of people around the world. He was also the co-inventor of the aqua-lung.
New Zealand annexed the Cook Islands. They remained a New Zealand protectorate until 1965 after which they became a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand.
The city of Buenos Aires was founded by Spanish conquistador, Juan de Garay.
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