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On June the 8th
The Akihabara massacre took place in the Akihabara shopping district, Tokyo, Japan, where a man run into a crowd with a truck and then proceeded to stab several people with a hunting knife. Seven people died and twenty were injured in the incident. The perpetrator was subsequently arrested and sentenced to death.
New Zealand became the first country to ban nuclear weapons and nuclear powered vessels from its territory. It is, as of 2006, the only nation to have officially done so.
Kurt Waldheim was elected president of Austria. He had previously been the United Nations Secretary General.
During the course of the Six-Day War, Israeli planes and submarines launched an accidental attack on the US naval vessel, Liberty. 34 people died in the incident and more than 150 were injured.
British musician, Nick Rhodes, was born in Moseley, West Midlands. He is best known as the keyboardist for the popular music band, Duran.Duran.
British musician, Bonnie Tyler, was born in Skewen, Wales. She was a popular singer of the late 1970's and 1980's. She is most known for her hit song, Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Brazilian actress, Sonia Braga, was born in Maringa, Parana. She was a popular actress in her home country, before moving on to Hollywood where she continued to enjoy popular success. She is most known for her roles in Kiss of the Spider Woman as well as her romantic involvement with the famed actor/director Robert Redford.
American singer, Nancy Sinatra, was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was the daughter of the popular singer Frank Sinatra. Her most popular piece of work was the hit song, These Boots Are Made for Walking.
The film studio, Universal Pictures, was founded.
American artist, Harry Holtzman, was born in New York. He was one of the most influential abstract artist of the 20th century.
American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was born in Wisconsin. He is widely acknowledged as the most influential American architect in history.
The Canadian parliament convened for the first time in the city of Ottawa.
The state of Tennessee seceded from the Union.
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