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On June the 7th
Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in a violent explosion which generated a 7km high ash column. The volcano had been dormant for almost 600 years.
A Surinam Airways passenger jet crashed near Paramaribo Airport, Surinam, resulting in the death of 168 people.
Russian tennis player, Anna Kournikova, was born in Moscow. She was a successful international tennis player who enjoyed more popularity for her looks than for her tennis abilities.
American writer, Henry Miller, died at the age if 88. He is considered as on of the most influential writers of the 20th century, having written such classics as the "Tropic of Cancer" and the "Tropic of Capricorn".
The Betamax videocassette recorder went on sale for the first time. it had been developed by Sony. While I enjoyed a hefty market share during the first two years of its launch, the format quickly fell out of favour and was overshadowed by the success of the VHS format.
Brazilian footballer, Cafu, was born in Sao Paulo. He is one of the most celebrated Brazilian footballers of all time, having been part of the Brazilian national team in four consecutive world cups, with 2 world champion titles, and three finals. He is also the player with the most participations in the national team of Brazil.
Contraception, by married couples, was legalized for the first time in the United States (Connecticut).
American musician, Prince, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born, Prince Rogers Nelson, and has been one of the most influential pop musicians of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
Northern Irish actor, Liam Neeson, was born in Ballymena. He was a boxing champion as a youth but was later forced to abandon the sport after a blackout during one of his matches.
The Battle of Midway ended with a crushing defeat for Japan. It is considered as one of the most important battles of the Pacific front.
French painter, Paul Gauguin, was born in Paris. Heis widely acknowledged as the leading post-impressionist artist of the 19th century.
The armies of the First Crusade began the Siege of Jerusalem. The siege ended on july the 15th of the same year when the Crusaders breached the city defences and slaughtered almost all of its inhabitants.
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