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On May the 4th
A flight of Nigerian based airliner EAS crashed soon after taking off from the airport of Kano, Nigeria. 148 people died in the crash.
Jose Maria Aznar was elected Prime Minister of Spain with the Christian Democratic party, ending 13 years of Socialist party rule. He was prime minister for 2 terms, between 1996 and 2004, when the socialists came back to power.
Latvia proclaimed its independence. Residents of Latvia that settled there during the Soviet era (nor their descendants) were not automatically granted Latvian citizenship. In 2004 Latvia became a member of both the European Union and NATO.
Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to be elected to the post of Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.
Four students were shot dead by members of the national guard in Kent State University in the city of Kent, Ohio. They were protesting the American invasion of Cambodia.
An airplane carrying the Torino football team crashed killing all aboard.
Mobster Al Capone was incarcerated in Atlanta, Georgia after having been sentenced to eleven years in prison for tax evasion.
Belgian born actress, Audrey Hepburn, was born in Brussels. She was one of the most beloved stars of Hollywood and one of the most celebrated actress around the world. She is most remembered for her role of 'Holly Golightly' in 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's, although she was already a huge star by that time.
Egyptian politician, Muhammad Hosni Said Mubarak, was born in Kafr-El Meselha, Egypt. He ascended to the rank of president of the Republic of Egypt following the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in 1981. Due to the constitution of Egypt, he run as sole candidate for the Presidency 3 more times and only in 2005 was there some amendment to the constitution to allow additional candidates.
The 8th Summer Olympics opened in Paris, France.
Construction of the Panama Canal begins. It was constructed by the United States, although work on the canal had been undertaken almost 25 years before that by the French. The French attempt was abandoned due to death among the workers from disease. Over 20000 workers died during the French attempt and approximately 5000 during the American phase.
The first professional baseball season got underway in the USA.
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